Tables of Contents
  President Number 9
The Eight Presidential Deaths
The Assassins
The Eagle Vision
The Elections
The Man of Destiny
How Destiny Works
Twelve Presidents All in a Row
The Futurist
The Aftermath
Rendezvous JFK
The Disputed Barricade
The Shooter on the Grassy Knoll
The First Lady
At Noontime in Some Flaming Town
The Poet
The Decisions
Lee Harvey Oswald
The Shooters
The Distraction
The Man of Destiny
The Futurist
The Second Coming Date
Rendezvous JBK
The Space Program
Christ Leads the Way
Your Lucifer Rebellion Begins
Your Dead Priority
How Your Rapture Will Work
Your Rapture Requirements
Your Earthly Body
Your Rapture Trip
Your New Body
You're Left Behind
Your Lucifer Rebellion Ends
Your Rapture Date
Your Interrupted Life
The Woman of Destiny
The Futurist
Rendezvous Crockett
The Farewell Plans
David Crockett's Plans
The Best Laid Plans...
The Devil's Plans
The Escape Plans
The General Plans
Destiny's Plans
How Did Crockett Die?
"Farewell" and the "Jose
de la Pena Diary"
Interrupted Plans
The Master Plans
Rendezvous McQueen
Coming Attractions
Act 1 Star Cluster
Act 2 Star Struck
Intermission: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Act 3 Falling Star
Act 4 Morning Star
Intermission: Star Light, Star Bright
Act 5 Shooting Star
Act 6 Super Star
 The Essene Gospel
Time and Location of Essene Gospel Events
The Essene Gospel Event
The New Testament Event
It's All in a Name
Future Geo-political and Military Pesher Applications
So Where's the Teacher?
The Essene Gospel Books
PayPal Acceptance Mark
Rendezvous Beatles
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