Your Rendezvous With Destiny: David Crockett
  The Plans
The star of this book is "Farewell" the one and only poem written by David Crockett. Within it is described the plans that Crockett had while on his Texas journey, what he really felt and thought. What William Travis and James Bowie really planned for the Alamo garrison of 186.

Farewell reveals new information on the mysteries of the people and events involved with the battle of the Alamo. What flags were flying? Was there really a line drawn in the sand to step over? Did a man jump the wall on the night before the battle and live to tell about it? Did Crockett have any chances to leave the Alamo? Did Crockett die fighting or was he captured and executed? Information from and about the Jose' de la Pena Diary is included.

"The Plans" goes on to describe what David Crockett's true Destiny was meant to be in Texas and you will be quite surprised.

Table of Contents
The road into Texas